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3 Reasons why most choose to Advertise with us

  1. Stay Top of Mind and Relevant with their current customers increasing frequency and creating Word of Mouth. They can’t talk about you unless they see you.
  2. Compliment marketing campaigns.
  3. Prevent competitors from doing it, we limit the amount of Network Advertisers of certain categories on each location.

Why ADVertise?


1 in 5 people made an unplanned purchase after seeing an item featured on the screen.


Digital-Out-Of-Home has a 52% recall rate- the highest of all other forms of media!

Digital Signage VS

How do the most popular advertising medias compare to digital signage?
  • Television Recall Rate 32%
  • Radio Recall Rate 27%
  • Online Banners Interaction Rate 3%
  • Newspaper Recall Rate 21%
  • Billboards Recall Rate 30%
  • Digital Signage Recall Rate 52%

Low Rates

Your Ad will play thousands of times every week – at a fraction of the cost of any other form of advertising!

Captive Audience

Most of our locations average over 15 minutes of dwell time, and your viewers can’t change the channel.

Target Your Market

Target your message to reach specific demographics by location.

Full Motion Ads

Our creative team will create a stunning motion-graphic ad based on your brand and guaranteed to catch viewers’ attention.

Examples of our advertisers

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